LD TOTAL’s award-winning dedication to quality has taken our work to commercial clients right across Western Australia and Melbourne. Our seamless end-to-end service drives efficiency, our focus on lasting partnerships drives reliability, and our 20 years of experience have seen us emerge as industry leaders that your business can stand by.

Our Services

LD TOTAL takes a holistic approach to commercial landscape and construction. Design, planning, construction, maintenance we provide it all, bringing you accountability and minimal risk across every phase of your project. Whether we’re working with you on a corporate enterprise, public open space or small strata offices, we promise a level of workmanship that meets the highest standard and a level of service that ensures a stunning result.

Design & Construct

Design and Construct (D&C) is a project delivery method whereby a contractor takes responsibility for both the design and construction of the project. LD TOTAL has been using D&C to bring commercial clients unparalleled savings and accountability as well as offerings which has evolved to become…

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Commercial Construction

LD TOTAL is leading the way for seamless end-to-end landscape construction services. From the beginning, we’ve taken the stance that as a contractor, we are an extension of your brand and project. This dedication to quality and understanding has seen us become industry leaders, and we want to bring…

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Landscape Maintenance

Beautiful landscapes aren’t one-off ‘create and forgets’ – it takes constant care to keep your outdoor space looking wonderful throughout the year. For this reason, LD TOTAL have built a dedicated, experienced maintenance team to provide you with a personalised and consistent…

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Irrigation Design and Installation

LD TOTAL leverages our resources to make the entire water management process easy, cost-efficient and reliable. Where multiple contractors can waste time and money, LD TOTAL streamlines and simplifies by offering end-to-end solutions.
Licensing, allocating trading, bore and mainline strategies, conceptual…

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