Beautiful landscapes aren’t one-off ‘create and forgets’ – it takes constant care to keep your outdoor space looking wonderful throughout the year. For this reason, LD TOTAL have built a dedicated, experienced maintenance team to provide you with a personalised and consistent service.

LD TOTAL work side by side with a variety of commercial clients, tailoring our activities to their needs and going the extra mile to ensure that their grounds look immaculate. When you engage our maintenance service, you enjoy access to landscaping professionals trained to ensure your outdoor space is continuously presented to an optimal standard. We’ll provide you with regular presence on-site with supervisors enforcing stringent quality-control standards, monthly reporting and communication, that goes above and beyond traditional landscape maintenance.

The look and feel of your business is critical to its image and performance. LD TOTAL understands this, and we bring the same dedication to maintaining your grounds as you bring to running your business. Our dedicated team are passionate about landscaping and the outdoors. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and relationships with our clients. We hold every project and every client interaction to the highest standard. These values drive our landscape maintenance. Putting LD TOTAL behind your maintenance activity ensures that your sites are held to the highest standard, and that they consistently present a superior appearance that drives sales, satisfies residents and raises property values.