What do I do with my application voucher?

Complete the application voucher by clearly filling in your current contact details as instructed, and send the application to either your Developer or LD TOTAL, as outlined on the voucher.

I don’t have an application voucher. Where do I get one?

The landscape application voucher is provided at point of sale when you purchased your lot, along with a fencing voucher. Please contact your Sales agent or Developer for a copy.

What do I need to bring to the consultation?

The PVC pipe is to be 300mm below ground. In the interest of maintaining safety and integrity of joins conduits in excess of 1m in depth will not be used.

Which Plan Is My Site Plan?

Your Site Plan will have the shape of your house and your land on it, including paving and road areas. This would have been given to you by your Builder.


How long does the consultation take?

For a standard block, the consultation should only take half an hour and approximately an hour for a corner block. Having an idea in mind of the design for your Front Yard Landscape will help our Consultants and reduce the consultation time considerably. Having no idea will delay the entire process, so please pay some thought prior to your on-site consultation.

My Builder did a site clean, so that should be good enough for landscaping, right?

If your Builder has removed all unwanted rubble, vegetation (weeds) and left the site soil 30mm below any paved area or kerb, then yes. Generally though, your site would be cleaned and graded level with paths and pavement – this is not good enough and you are required to prepare your site to your required levels.

What if I can’t or don’t have time to prepare my site?

We can arrange a quote for you which must be separate to the landscaping package.

Where should my conduit be located?

The 90mm PVC stormwater pipe should be 4 meters from the garage for easy location by our installers. It is important that you mark where the pipe is under the driveway, so that our installers can locate it easily.

How big is the conduit supposed to be?

For driveways, the PVC pipe is to be 90mm in diameter and whatever length necessary for your particular driveway. All other garden bed conduits (i.e. paths, planter boxes, limestone walls etc) can be a minimum of 50mm. If you plan to pave the area beneath your controller location (usually adjacent to meter box) you need to install a conduit (minimum 20mm diameter) with a draw wire to provide access for the irrigation cables.

How deep is the conduit supposed to be?

The PVC pipe is to be 300mm below ground. In the interest of maintaining safety and integrity of joins conduits in excess of 1m in depth will not be used.

What if there is no conduit under the driveway?

We need access under any paving and retaining walls for irrigation pipes and wires. You are required to have 90mm conduits (sleeves) installed prior to our works. If your paving or walls are already installed, we have no choice but to remove the pavers to install irrigation. As we are not paving contractors, we cannot re-lay your pavers.

There is no conduit under the driveway and I don’t think I need one?

If the water meter and meter box is on the same side with your main landscaping area, then a conduit may not be necessary. Please send in your site plan and we can confirm for you.

Do you require access to my water and electrical meters?

Yes, so please ensure that any concreting, paving or fencing is not too close to the water meter, and that the meter box is unlocked for our installers. ¬†Small heavy-duty/trafficable covers do not allow enough room for our plumber’s installation – typically an area at least1-2m2¬†should be left clear around your water meter. Australian Plumbing Standards require installation of isolation valves cut-in at least 1m from the house-side of your meter.

Is it OK if I pave around my water meter?

Our Plumber requires access to the water meter to install a “stop valve” and “backflow preventer”. Please leave enough room for this. Typically 1-2m2 is adequate. Alternately, complete your driveway paving after the plumbing connection has been installed (you’ll have to arrange for early connection)

Do I need to specify to the Consultant what areas of my garden will have hardscape (paving, retaining walls, fences etc)?

Yes, as it will affect your landscaping plan at consultation. Failing to do so can result in possible damage and alteration of the landscaping, which will void your warranty. All hardscapes MUST be completed prior to landscaping installation unless specifically advised otherwise by our Consultant.

Can I have all lawn with no garden bed or have no lawn and all garden bed?

Your developer may have guidelines as to what ratio of turf and gardens they want in your estate. We will work closely with you to meet your requirements in line with the developer guidelines.

How many plants am I allowed to have?

The plants and garden shape will be discussed in detail at you Consultation. The number of plants is based on the size of your garden and mature sizes of your chosen plant types.

How much is my landscape package allowance?

The information in regards to allowance is confidential between LD TOTAL and your developer.

What is the standard turf included in my package?

Check your annexure but generally, Wintergreen couch is included in your Front Landscaping Package, however can be upgraded to different turf varieties if requested (at an extra cost to you). Wintergreen couch is a durable and robust turf that withstands heavy wear, and has an excellent cold and frost tolerance which makes it ideal for a wide range of conditions and tolerates a large variety of soils and readily adapts to different environments.

What is the mulch that is included in my package?

LD TOTAL’s specially formulated blend of mulch is included in your Front Landscaping Package, which provides a neat, delicate look for gardens. It gradually provides nutrition and structure to the soil as it breaks down.

Why is soil conditioner used on my front yard before installation?

By adding nutrients to the soil and improving the soil aggregate (size of, soil conditioner helps to improve the water retention capacity of soils. Soil conditioners are essential for altering the pH of the soil. They even help to bind the garden soil, preventing them from being washed away by water or blown away by wind. The soil conditioner is non-toxic but not advisable for pets to consume in large quantities.

Can I make changes to my plan?

Due to design and ordering requirements, plans cannot be changed after you have signed and approved the plan agreed at your Consultation. For this reason, please inspect your garden closely before authorising.

Do I have to have a street tree?

Yes, this is a Local Council and Developer requirement. Street trees not only provide aesthetic appeal to your street, but also helps to reduce vehicle speed on roadways and provide shade.

Can I change my street tree?

No. The tree theme for your street has been determined by the Local Council and your Developer, and is not negotiable.

Can I upgrade my landscape package?

Absolutely. By paying the difference in cost, you can upgrade your Front Yard Landscape to include more and / or larger plants, different turf species, etc. Just mention your requirements to our Consultant, and we can arrange a quotation.

Can LD TOTAL help me create something special at the back of my house too?

Yes, LD TOTAL can provide you with a design and quotation for your rear landscaping. Simply call our helpful team on 08 64368000.


Can the irrigation be extended to the back yard?

Yes. We will leave a 25mm capped PVC reticulation pipe, together with sufficient wires linked back to the irrigation controller to allow you to extend your reticulation to your back yard. These will be left at the front building line of your house. The irrigation cables will be left inside a green spotter box, directly under the irrigation controller. The 25mm capped mainline will be marked and left on the same side as the water meter.

How long will I have to wait for my landscape installation?

The time between your Consultation and actual installation of your landscaping will vary depending on the bookings for each month. This can typically be a period of five to eight weeks.

Should I pre-spray for weeds before installation?

Yes this is recommended, to ensure weed management after your installation. A non-selective herbicide (ie. Roundup/Glyphosate) only requires 48 hours drying time before the active ingredient gets into the plant, so spray when you know you have a couple of days’ sun available.

When am I allowed to water my new garden?

After the installation is finished, we will set your irrigation controller to ensure adequate watering. On or before the day of installation you must contact the Water Corporation on 13 10 39, and request a water exemption. You’ll be provided a certificate of exemption and a watering schedule to adhere to. You need to check your exemption certificate for its expiry and you must reset the controller back to your specified watering days on or before that date.

When should I mow my lawn after installation?

If your turf has been installed during spring/summer you should mow the lawn 2 weeks after installation, turf installed during autumn/ winter should be mowed after 3-4 weeks.

Is there a warranty on my plants and turf?

Yes, it is a 3 month warranty where loss is not due to negligence.

Warranty Request Form

I’m having a bore installed. What do I need to do?

If you have arranged your own bore installation which is not part of your landscaping package, please let us know asap along with the litres per minute the bore will produce. We require this information to order the appropriate irrigation piping to suite. We will issue you with our irrigation controller for your bore electrician to install, along with his pump start relay.

If I have an irrigation leak, what do I do?

Firstly, contact LD TOTAL on 08 6436 1111 during office hours. Secondly, if you feel the problem is serious, you can shut off the irrigation stop valve located next to your water meter. If you employ a third party to rectify any problems, your entire irrigation system warranty will become void.

I’m not sure how to adjust my irrigation controller?

The controller manual was left in your electrical meter box. See the links below or view the Manufacturers website for instructions. If you require LD TOTAL to re-program it for you, please contact our office and we will arrange at a cost of $88.00.


Hunter X-Core


Irritrol Kwikdial


Orbit Tap Timer




How long does the warranty for irrigation last?

The warranty for irrigation is valid for 12 months after the installation. Please note that LD TOTAL’s warranty covers faulty manufacture or installation only.

My sprinklers are blocked, what do I do?

As per our hand over sheet, your irrigation system requires maintenance. Small deposits and build up generally gather in the smallest points being the nozzles. These require removal and washing under a tap. Once again, we can provide you a quote for maintenance work.

Water Corporation just left me a fine. What do I do?

This will be for not applying for a watering exemption or watering outside your exemption period. You are required to pay this fine.

But you are the landscapers and should pay the fine?

Yes we are the Landscapers but you as the Purchaser, Occupier or Tennant are responsible for applying for the exemption and adhering to it.